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There are hardly any people, mostly females in the world who are not wearing jewellery. The ethnicity it carries and the traditional designs represent a wide variety of cultures that are existing all over the world. Among the wide varieties of jewellery and beauty accessories, some notable are Kundan jewellery, Oxidized jewellery, Western jewellery, Hair accessories, etc. Since the list is long, so in the following, some questions-answers have been stated through which people can be sure about the product they are purchasing and the value and elegance it carries with it.

Popular Questions

How many types of jewellery are there?

Based on the evolution of culture and the trends of modernization as it affects the jewellery world there are wide varieties of jewellery with specific names based on their characters like oxidized, Kundan, and western jewellery. And on the basis of structure, the list is much more extensive including necklaces, rings, bangles, etc.

There are also a wide variety of beautiful ornaments including jewellery like hair accessories, fashionable dresses, attractive cosmetics, and so on.

What does oxidized jewellery generally mean?

This is a kind of scientific process where two different metals are mixed to bring out an alloy. Based on different designs, the color and structure of the jewellery are distinguished.

What is the specialty of oxidized jewellery?

Current customization is one of the most important factors of oxidized jewellery. Anybody can address a line to their loved ones when they are gifting that particular product to.

Are the variety of designs limited in oxidized jewellery?

The answer is absolutely no. There is wide variegation of designs and structures of oxidized jewellery ranging from historical ethnicity to traditional heritage designs. Most importantly, these pieces of jewelry have extreme flexibility of prices.

Which to prefer - oxidized or Kundan jewellery?

If you are talking about low price, range of designs, and personalization, one would strongly recommend oxidized jewellery. But if you are directing your choice towards heritage and ethnicity, Kundan jewellery would be the best choice. “Highly refined pure gold” (Kundan) of 24 karats are used in this traditional method of jadau, as the art of making jewellery is addressed with.

Why would you choose Kundan jewellery?

The use of precious gemstones in the gold openings adds heritage and elegance to this jewellery. Besides the designs of motifs and varieties of animals and plants are widely used in the making. Moreover, this jewellery carries the prestigious history of India which dates back to the 3rd to 4h century BC, and remnants of using this jewellery in Rajput wedding ceremonies have also been found which are most common.

What about the price and authenticity?

Since the price of gold is continuously rising, so this question might make the list of customers’ FAQs. Regarding this, it can be said that the price of Kundan jewellery is quite reasonable especially the way it is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Moreover, it can also be said that the extension of frauds around the world has also led to doubts that can be cleared if one finds IGI and hallmark certificates in the jewellery. Relax, you are guaranteed with the gems and gold respectively which are used in the preparing process.

Is western jewellery fashionable?

Of course, they are! The elegant and attractive colors with modern designs make a completely fashioned look when you are wearing one.

How many types of western jewellery are there?

It is better not to answer this question as this might harm the prestige of variegation the western jewellery is carrying. Ranging from lapis, malachites, bracelets to rings, necklaces, and bangles, the list is never-ending.

Can the western jewellery be worn by both men and women?

Since you have known about the variegation, then it might answer this question too! With the wide range of styles and designs as well as structures, both men’s and women’s jewellery are available. Some jewellery is also made for unisex use.

Are the prices way too high?

This question is natural since they are western people and they might think of the high prices. But sorry to disappoint, they are not. The prices are extremely reasonable according to the product quality and the lavish look it carries with it.

What to choose other than jewellery to add beauty?

Though beauty depends on confidence, still recommending jewellery is not at all a bad option to go for. But jewellery is not the only thing where you can stick your eyes to. Apart from decorating your body, your hair also deserves special mention, and so to add beauty to them, the use of some accessories would not be a bad idea.

Which things are included in hair accessories?

The list is long to say, but the priorities are there including jaw clips, stretch combs, french combs, scarves, and head wraps, pins, barrette, elastics, tiaras, headpieces, hair bands and there are so many things that can dedicate your hair.

Are hair accessories worth dependable about fashion?

Certainly! If you can choose for professionals or follow videos on YouTube and Instagram, the attractive designs of hairband wearing and others might lead to adding a cute cap in your sense of beauty.

What are the advantages of choosing Kundan bridal jewellery?

Opting for Kundan bridal jewellery offers several advantages for brides. Firstly, the craftsmanship and intricate designs of Kundan jewellery make it a timeless and elegant choice. Secondly, the use of precious gemstones adds a touch of luxury and opulence to the jewellery. Lastly, Kundan jewellery can be customized to match the bride’s preferences, allowing her to create a unique and personalized look for her special day.

Important information:

  1. Kundan bridal jewellery is a timeless and elegant choice.
  2. The use of precious gemstones adds luxury and opulence to the jewellery.
  3. Kundan jewellery can be customized to create a unique and personalized look.