Terms & Conditions

Security is one of the most important things to look for while purchasing items from online stores. To be particular in this, we have presented our customers with the exquisite opportunity to return the product in case of any kind of discrepancies from the company’s end or because of product failure. The money spent for the purchasing of the respected item will be refunded soon after the return request will be accepted. 

Though because of some ongoing frauds or any kind of miscommunication with the customer, there are some of the specific conditions which the customer should follow while returning the product:

  • Days of return: The customer will get a time of 3 to 4 days before returning the product. We think that this much of time is enough to identify any kind of problems with the product and report accordingly while filling up the return form on our website. Soon after we receive the return request we will be acting according to it with an immediate effect and the refund of the money as mentioned in the invoice of your product will be refunded through an online transaction in your registered bank account in case of online payment while during the case of cash on the delivery option we will be refunding the amount with the representative whom you will be expecting at your doorstep to bring back the returned product as soon as possible.

  • Cause for return: One should be very definite about the cause of returning the product. To be specific, it can be pointed out that return would not be initiated until or unless it is a fault from the company or from the product itself. If by any means, the product is damaged by the customer then the return request will be withdrawn with further instructions. As we have seen many times, some customers use to purchase the product and use within the 4 days of return period and sometimes they are herself or himself responsible for the damage of the product, in view of this fact, we have strictly maintained our stability towards this condition of return.

  • Do’s and don’ts from Customer’s end: There are some particular things in which the customer should take care of while returning the product, they may be summed up as:

    • Do’s for the Customer:

      • The customer needs to take care of the invoice as well as the packaged case while he is concerned about returning the product.

      • He needs to take out a video while unboxing the product and should attach the video file while filling up the return form, absence of this video file in the return request will lead to the cancellation of the request. Therefore, while you are opening the product whether you are about to return it or not, taking a video is a must.

    • Don’ts for the Customer:

      • Do not forget to take out the video while opening the product.

      • Do not lose the product’s package and invoice details.

      • Do not randomly choose the cause of returning the product. Try to be precise.

      • Do not expect refund payment online until or unless your bank account is registered or credit or debit card number is not linked with our website.

  • Steps to initiate the return: While you are considering the purchased product for return, you must follow some of the following simple steps:


  • Select the product you want to return (note that the product you are going to return it within the stipulated time of return)

  • The invoice which you have received during the time of unboxing the product will be taken while our representative will attend you while you are returning the product.

  • Attach the video file which you made earlier while unboxing the product. (note that it is a must)

  • Point out the damage of the product when you are taking the video.

  • Send all these 3 points above to our email id at contact@subhranikajewellery.com


We will initiate the return process immediately and you will get a confirmation message when your return request will be accepted. In terms of payment, you can mention the option in which you want your payment to be refunded. In case, if you do not get any confirmation from us regarding that your payment has been refunded and your bank account is not reflecting the same, contact us on the email id, we will get back to you shortly.


  • Cautions: Any kind of discrepancies from the company’s end will be taken as a complaint and our company will act accordingly to it but you need to be very cautious about the product. In case, your product gets tampered with by you other than the company’s failure the item would not be further eligible for return. Moreover, if the product gets stolen by any means within the return period then also the company will not take any kind of responsibility for that. If by any means, the company is able to know that the product has been tampered with or damaged, or fabricated by you then the product will be returned immediately with no further services from the company’s end. 

Try to maintain the above policies, and who knows, we might be able to share a tight bond together for a long time in the coming future.